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MLS Cup live blog: Sporting KC wins 7-6 in penalty kicks, denying RSL the title

By Whitney O'Bannon, Deseret News

Published: Sat, Dec. 7 5:20 p.m. MST

HIGHLIGHTS MLS CUP 2013: Sporting Kansas City vs. Real Salt Lake

 Sporting KC's Seth Sinovic talks to Real's Joao Plata as Real Salt Lake loses to Sporting KC Saturday, Dec. 7, 2013 in MLS Cup action.
 Real's Robbie Findley tries to get a foot on the ball in front of the goal as Real Salt Lake and Sporting KC play Saturday, Dec. 7, 2013 in MLS Cup action.
 Real's Nick Rimando looks back as a ball shoots past during the shootout as Real Salt Lake and Sporting KC play Saturday, Dec. 7, 2013 in MLS Cup action. Sporting KC won in a shootout.

RSL's Lovel Palmer hit the crossbar in the 10th round in an exhaustive penalty kick shootout, as Sporting KC won 7-6 after the game was tied 1-1 following overtime.

Real won its 2009 title against L.A. Galaxy in a penalty kick situation, but this time RSL came out on the losing end, falling behind in PKs and never being able to get ahead.

After RSL's Javier Morales, Chris Schuler and Tony Beltran connected on three straight penalty kicks in must-make situations, Sebastian Velasquez had the chance to win it for Real. But his shot missed, and the shootout went on.

Two rounds later, Aurelien Collin hit the winner for Sporting KC.

During regulation, Alvaro Saborio gave Real the 1-0 lead in the second half, but Sporting KC struck minutes later to tie the game at 1-1.

The game then headed into overtime, where neither team was able to get an advantage, ensuring the championship contest would be decided by penalty kicks.

Deseret News RSL web sports writer Whitney O'Bannon posted updates during today's MLS Cup between Real Salt Lake and Sporting Kansas City in addition to posting commentary from social media. Follow her on Twitter at @whitney_oban. You can read the final few minutes of the live blog below.

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1. Bill Shakespeare
Salt Lake City, UT,
Dec. 7, 2013

This game was a horrible experience. First of all, how many sports play their all-or-nothing championship game at a non-neutral site? Also, the refs were just horrible. Kansas City are a bunch of unskilled thugs. Now RSL loses the game AND their coach. And the franchise will go too in four or five years. Horrible.

2. BusStopRatBag
Layton, UT,
Dec. 7, 2013

I don't know about horrible experience but, yes, a lousy game - especially in the first half. The standard of refereeing in MLS really is bad. There were poor calls made in the match but, if we're honest, none of them affected the outcome. To give credit where it's due the ARs didn't miss a call all night and there were some very tight offside calls to be made.

Couldn't agree more on the home field issue. Truly lame. Scheduling is an problem too. Well into December and we're playing a championship match in KC or SLC? Ridiculous.

Kreis deserves a shot at bigger things. He's the best manager in MLS. NYFC know it. Most football fans know it. The league knows it but can't/won't admit it. The media doesn't know it but it is 75% comprised of recycled "invented here" sports junkies who invariably take three seasons to stop writing "offsides". The writers gave Kreis 3.9% of their votes. Shameful. Kreis will win 2+ in the next decade with NY.

The better team won today. Odds were stacked against them and RSL still came within inches of pulling it off. Well done.

3. slcjimmy
Dec. 7, 2013

Sorry. It Obvious that RSL was not going to be allowed a chance at victory today. When did the MLS turn into the NBA? Pathetic. The new NY team with Kreis as coach will win several cups and become the darlings of the MLS. Remember when & where you heard it first!