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Missing motherhood: The one thing Barbara Walters regrets

Compiled by Emily Eyring, Deseret News

Published: Thu, Dec. 19 7:30 p.m. MST

Barbara Walters reveals biggest regret

 In an interview for \

Barbara Walters' annual special "Barbara Walter Presents: Top 10 Most Fascinating People of 2013" aired Wednesday, Dec. 18, making headlines for featuring a mix of British royalty with Prince George; a religious leader with Pope Francis; and entertainment stars, including the controversial men of "Duck Dynasty" along with her top pick, Hilary Clinton, according to

The show also attracted attention for being Walters' final installment in the series. In May of this year, Walters announced on an episode of ABC's "The View" that she would be retiring from TV journalism in 2014.

As the 84-year-old Walters prepared for her final "Fascinating People" special and the end of her 50-year news career, she sat down with Piers Morgan, host of CNN's "Piers Morgan Live" on Dec. 17.

Asking Walters to reflect on a career that has included trailblazing as the first female anchor on an evening news program, three Emmy Awards and interviews with every U.S. president since Richard Nixon, Piers posed this question:

"Final question. It's kind of not a best or worst. It's more like, you've had such an extraordinary life and career, and it's continuing on into your retirement, and I'm sure it will carry on after that. If you could relive one moment in your life, the moment that brought you the greatest satisfaction, thrill, sadness perhaps. I mean, what has been, you think, the moment?"

Without waiting for Morgan to complete the question, Walters asked if she could instead express a regret.

"I regret not having more children. I would have loved to have had a bigger family," Walters said.

Walters has one daughter, Jacqueline Danforth, 44, whom she adopted while married to her second husband, Lee Guber, according to She was married a total of four times, twice to Merv Adelson, according to She also had an older sister, Jacqueline, who had mental disabilities and died in 1985, and an older brother, Burton, who died of pneumonia at age 3, according to

Walters will continue as the executive producer of "The View" after her retirement, according to, but she told Piers she's uncertain of what comes next.

"In terms of my career, (it has been) beyond anything I expected, and I don't know exactly what it's going to be like when I stop working," Walters said.

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1. U-tar
Woodland Hills, UT,
Dec. 19, 2013

One of my biggest regrets was, I think I watched one of her shows once.

2. bandersen
Saint George, UT,
Dec. 19, 2013

U-tar: thank you for the laugh, A big one! Never saw one myself.

3. samhill
Salt Lake City, UT,
Dec. 19, 2013

I must admit to not being particularly fond of either Barbara Walters or her many products, particularly "The View". Much too leftward slanted, like most TV/Movies/Newspapers/etc.

But, I must also admit that it was difficult watching her offer her greatest regret and note that as she did so she appeared close to tears with what was, I'm sure, a painful realization at her stage of life. Perhaps because I have a similar regret.

I'm reminded of the saying I've heard at more than one funeral when a speaker is exhorting people to make the most of their lives. That is, the one thing very few people will be thinking when they die is, "I wish I'd spent more time at the office instead of with my family and friends".

4. Justmythoughts
Provo, UT,
Dec. 19, 2013

Anyone who selects Hillary Clinton as the most fascinating person in 2013...should have ALOT of regrets!

5. marxist
Salt Lake City, UT,
Dec. 19, 2013

Well after these snotty comments let me say that Walters' regret shows the painful trade-off so many people have with career. Family - its all about family, no question. Career supports the family but it must not be allowed to replace it. It's a hard thing to get straight.