Former Disney star speaks out against inappropriate behavior

Compiled by Megan Christensen, Deseret News

Published: Wed, May 28, 2014, 5:45 p.m. MDT

 David Henrie arrives at the premiere of  \

David Henrie arrives at the premiere of "Land of the Lost," at Gramuan's Chinese Theater in Los Angeles Saturday, May 30, 2009. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

(Reed Saxon, AP)

Many Disney Channel stars have shed their morals, but David Henrie, known for his role as Justin Russo on "Wizards of Waverly Place," told The Christian Post that he was only going to act in "good roles."

"You have to transition out of [a younger show] and that comes with doing older, more mature roles, but that doesn't mean doing crazy things that just insult your audience. Your audience has to grow with you," Henrie said in a May 27 interview with The Christian Post.

Henrie's latest role is writing and directing "Catch," a short film set to be released June 5.

The 10-minute film illustrates an 8-year-old boy's desire to convince his career-focused dad to play baseball with him, according to the film's website.

"We're trying to inspire fathers to spend quality time with their kids," Henrie said in an Aol Entertainment video. "It does more for a kid than gifts and anything materialistic because it's a part of your heart."

Henrie told The Christian Post that he looks forward to getting married and having children.

"I think our generation especially has a weird stigma towards families, like people aren't wanting to have families and aren't wanting to have kids and that's weird. I think that's really weird and not normal and I think our generation is the first generation in the history of mankind that has had this sort of attitude and this feeling towards marriage and family and children," Henrie said.

Megan Marsden Christensen is an intern with the Deseret News writing for the Faith & Family section. She recently graduated from BYU-Idaho with a bachelor's degree in communication.

1. LovelyDeseret
Gilbert, AZ,
May 29, 2014

It is good to see somebody in Hollywood put morals and standards over money.

2. JenPen
Woods Cross, UT,
May 29, 2014

How refreshing! Good for him!! I hope he remains untainted and has good success.

3. djk
blue springs, MO,
May 29, 2014

wonderful article. i am always happy to find out there is some moral minds in the acting industry. he is a good actor. i enjoyed watching him on wizards of waverly place and a few other disney movies.

4. bgl
Santa Monica, CA,
May 29, 2014

Two of the three posts immediately jump on their moral high horse and talk about how they are pleased to find that there at least "some semblance" of decency in Hollywood and in "the acting profession."
Now might this be a little bit of an answer to the question I hear so often coming form Des News threads? "Why does everyone accuse us of being holier than thou?"
I've lived in Utah for many years and I've lived in LA for many years. There are as many decent people in the film and TV industry in LA as there are people working in businesses in the State of Utah. Both have great people and both have people you wouldn't want your kids around. TMZ and the gossipy tabloids just don't feel like covering the goings on at Walmart or the local KFC franchise. But if reality TV has taught us anything, it's that "Hollywood" does not have a monopoly on jerks and not everyone in Utah is a straight up, sealed with a handshake, straight shooter.

5. gmlewis
Houston, TX,
May 30, 2014

Utah and LDS members are not alone in considering Hollywood a seed-bed of corruption. It is a pervasive perception throughout the United States and much of the world.

This is probably because in many other places immorality is lived in privacy, while those images from Hollywood and Madison Avenue are shared with the world. Naturally, publicity magnifies the message exponentially.