Outrageous and crazy White House petitions (17 items)

By and and , Deseret News

Feb. 26, 2014

Command Transportation, a freight broker company based out of Skokie, Ill. made headlines last week with a billboard declaring that whichever side lost in the Canada vs. U.S. hockey game in the 2014 Winter Olympics would be forced to "keep Bieber."

Of course, the outcome is old news now — Canada ended up defeating the U.S. 1-0, and it looks as though Beiber is ours.

Though it was merely a prank, the billboard aligned well with a recent petition on Whitehouse.gov asking that the Canadian pop star be returned to his homeland.

Here's a list of 16 more odd or outrageous Whitehouse.gov petitions.

1 of 17. Deport Justin Bieber and revoke his green card

This petition's mission, created Jan. 23, 2014, is to deport pop singer Justin Bieber due to his "reckless" and "destructive" behavior.

"He is not only threatening the safety of our people but he is also a terrible influence on our nations youth," the petition states. "We the people would like to remove Justin Bieber from our society."

So far the petition has garnered 263,781 signatures, well over the 100,000 it needs for the president to address it.

2 of 17. Declare Major League Baseball's opening day a national holiday

According to this petition, opening day is not just the start to a baseball season, but a "symbol of rebirth" and a "state of mind where anything is possible."

Thus far there have been 28,834 individuals sign the petition.

Perhaps "Play Ball" will turn into day off.

3 of 17. Make it illegal to throw away a student's lunch because of parental debt

When, in January, Utahns heard about a school throwing away children's lunches because their parents were delinquent on payments, there was rightful outrage. Well, some have filed a petition at Whitehouse.gov making it illegal to do so in the future.

Signed by 2,062 people this far, the petition states that "Millions of American children live in poverty through no fault of their own. … Humiliating and starving them for their parents' minor debt should be illegal."

4 of 17. Declare the day after the Super Bowl "National Hangover Day" and give America the day off work

"Football is America’s game, and, no matter what Joe Buck says about baseball, drinking beer is our national pastime," the petition says. "There's nothing more American than being hungover the Monday after the Super Bowl, and nothing less American than working in such a state."

It goes on to say, "Drink up and sign up."

However, the petition only has 1,183 signatures, so it doesn't look like it is going anywhere.

5 of 17. Instruct the DOD to use a portion of the USS Miami for shadow-box assembly

This petition calls into action the production of shadow boxes so that the past and present Navy employees may "live on through those that served aboard her."

So far, only 305 people have signed it.
1. armchair quarterback
July 15, 2013

I like the idea of NASCAR type suits for politicians! This one would have had at least one more signature had I seen it going around :)

2. Eric Samuelsen
Provo, UT,
July 15, 2013

I wouldn't nationalize Twinkies. But then, I don't much like Twinkies. Mostly, though, I appreciated this quick trip to Absurdistan.

3. happytobehere
Fillmore, Utah,
Feb. 27, 2014

I really think that this whole petition process should be removed. I feel like it is just fodder for some overpaid government folks to get a few laughs. While disguised as such, it offers no real participation in the government process. So I guess I agree with the last petition in the slide show.

4. Jamescmeyer
Midwest City, USA, OK,
Feb. 27, 2014

That last petition about closing the petition system is the only one that actually seems:
-Thoughtful. It's in English, not all capital letters, respectful in wording, and accurate in its assessment of the topic.
-Not stupid or wasting time. Change the national anthem? Biker judges?
-Actually within the federal government's responsibility and power. At the risk of sounding insensitive, the federal government has no place or power to universally outlaw discarding of county-run school lunches.

It is no longer listed, of course.

5. K
Mchenry, IL,
Feb. 27, 2014

Actually the federal governement mandates most things regarding school lunches. So they can. And a free education is a federal and not a state mandate. Anything in the schoool building should be free.