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Elvis, Disney, penguins and giants: 65 must-see historic photos (65 items)

Jan. 28, 2014

Check out these 65 must-see historic photos that take viewers behind the scenes of history, showing everything from the Brooklyn Bridge and New York subways under construction to Elvis Presley chilling in a tank, pro-beer marches during prohibition and Louis Armstrong playing for the Great Sphinx of Giza.

>> In this Oct. 7, 1914 photo provided by the New York City Municipal Archives, painters are suspended from wires on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York.

1 of 65. Yeeeeer out!

Dressed in baseball uniforms, two actors in the chimpanzee show at the St. Louis Zoo argue heatedly in practice session of their act, Aug. 11, 1960.

2 of 65. A White House flyby

Claude Grahame-White, famed British aeronaut landed his Farman biplane on West Executive Ave., Washington, D.C. on Oct. 14, 1910. The White House West Wing is on the right of the picture. After calling on the U.S. Signal Corps, Grahame-White backed the plane against fence end of Avenue and took off down the narrow street between the State, Army & Navy Buildings.

3 of 65. Danger: Molasses

This is a view of the wreckage caused by the explosion of the molasses storage tank owned by the United States Industrial Alcohol Company in Boston, Ma., Jan. 15, 1919. About 2.2 million gallons of molasses poured out of the steel tank in 8- to 15-foot waves, destroying the steel support of the elevated train bridge and knocking over a fire station. The disaster killed 21 people.

4 of 65. Just snapping a photo

Harold Lloyd, screen comedian, holds the hands of this clock while one of his fans takes a snapshot on March 23, 1923. Lloyd is recreating the famous scene from 1923 film, "Safety Last."

5 of 65. Houdini dives in

Harry Houdini, handcuffed, and with his feet bound in chains, dives into pool at Los Angeles, May 7, 1923.
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