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Photos of the week 11/30-12/6 (14 items)

By , Deseret News

Dec. 6, 2013

Explosive floating Christmas trees and light labyrinths. Photographers around the world captured some incredible scenes this past week, here are what we think were best.

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"Fireworks explode over a floating Christmas tree in Lagoa lake at the annual holiday tree lighting event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Saturday, Nov. 30, 2013."-AP

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"In this photo made by combining 264 20 second exposures, stars leave rings of light behind as they wheel around Polaris, the North Star, over Newfound Gap in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on Sunday, Dec. 1, 2013. At an elevation of 5,046 feet, Newfound Gap offers prime stargazing on clear, moonless nights. Polaris is not the brightest star in the sky, but it stays glued north, while its neighbors rise and set."-AP

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"Participants compete in the Shanghai International Marathon in Shanghai, China, Sunday, Dec. 1, 2013."-AP

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"A protester uses a chain as he and others clash with police outside of the presidential administration building in downtown Kiev, Ukraine, on Sunday, Dec. 1, 2013. More than 100,000 demonstrators chased away police to rally in the center of Ukraine's capital on Sunday. Thousands of demonstrators tried to storm the nearby presidential administration building, but were driven back by riot police using tear gas and flash grenades, which produce a loud bang but are not intended to cause injury. The standoff continued, with more demonstrators arriving."-AP

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"A plane takes off from the Los Angeles International Airport as clouds reflect the color of the sunset on Monday, Dec. 2, 2013, in Los Angeles."-AP