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Current events quiz week 12/7-12/13 (20 items)

By , Deseret News

Dec. 14, 2013

The NSA is back in the headlines, along with the Golden Globes and the Philippines. Have you been paying attention to current events over the week? Take our quiz to find out.

1 of 20. Which movie received the most Golden Globe nominations this year?

1) "12 Years a Slave"

2) "American Hustle"

3) "Gravity"

4) "The Wolf of Wall Street"

2 of 20. "12 Years a Slave" … and "American Hustle"

The dark historic drama about slavery in the South, and the comedic crime drama embellishing real-life scams both were announced to be nominated for seven awards each.

3 of 20. Which nation ruled same-sex marriage laws passed on a local level unconstitutional this week?

1) Canada

2) Liberia

3) U.S.

4) Australia

4 of 20. Australia

The Australian Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that same-sex marriages performed in the Australian Capital Territory were unconstitutional after Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot pushed a lawsuit against the law. In Australia, only the federal government has the power to decide the definition of marriage.

The roughly 30 same-sex marriages performed since the law was passed are now considered invalid.

5 of 20. Which country's prime minister was seen taking a photo with President Barrack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron at the memorial for Nelson Mandela?

1) Iceland

2) Finland

3) Norway

4) Denmark