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Oprah's second-favorite things for 2013: The unauthorized list (10 items)

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Dec. 17, 2013

There are several sure-fire signs of Christmas. My wife starts making fudge that belongs in heaven, my home looks like she burglarized Santa’s house and Oprah Winfrey announces her annual “Favorite Things” list.

Her 2013 edition did not disappoint. The list includes such must-have gifts as $222 organic pajamas, a set of six steak knives for only $475 and a chocolate Nativity scene. I don’t know about you, but nothing says Christmas like eating a wise man and a donkey made of chocolate.

Not for you?

You’re in luck. I’m pleased to present my fourth annual second-favorite things. These are 10 gifts Oprah would have surely included, if only she’d returned my calls and emails.


Oprah's second-favorite things for 2012: The unauthorized list

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10 gifts that might have made Oprah's 'Second-Favorite Things' list

1 of 10. Sand by Brookstone

This gift is everything you love about sand with none of the mess. This revolutionary creation sticks to itself instead of you and leaves nothing behind. It’s so much fun, you just might find yourself playing with the display in a store at the mall for an hour. Trust me.

2 of 10. Sphero

This futuristic ball is controlled by an app on your smartphone or tablet. It's such fun to maneuver and weave around a stranger's feet on the floor, you just might find yourself playing with the display in a store at the mall for an hour. Trust me.

3 of 10. Virgil’s Root Beer

There is root beer — and then there is Virgil’s. This award-winning concoction, made naturally without caffeine or preservatives, is so delicious you run the risk of becoming a root beer snob. You’ve been warned.

4 of 10. The Clicker Kit, by Hilary Weeks

Acclaimed entertainer Hilary Weeks' well-known "Clicker" is her labor of love that's sweeping the country. Now, for the first time, you don't have to see her live to hear the story and join the movement. Pick one up for you and a friend and "click" your positive thoughts. Together, you'll help the world hit a billion.

5 of 10. Diamond Candles

These candles are one of the hottest gifts this season. Every single earth-friendly, all-natural soy candle has a genuine diamond ring buried in the wax in a foil pouch. The values range from $10 to $5,000. Cha-ching-ring!
1. patriot
Cedar Hills, UT,
Dec. 17, 2013

I can't think of a more irrelevant thing to report on in any news paper than anything to do with Oprah Winfrey. Oprah Winfrey is the queen of irrelevance but somehow she continues to get lots of attention.