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Heroes: People, organizations that made real contributions for good in 2013 (12 items)

By Deseret News editorial

Dec. 29, 2013

The year that is rapidly passing was filled with the noise and commotion that defines modern life, with various interest groups struggling to be heard and often distorting things of real value. It is instructive, then, to take the time to ponder on the people and organizations that made real contributions for good in the world in 2013.

The Deseret News emphasizes six areas of editorial priority in its coverage and editorials. Consequently, we have identified six heroes of 2013 who, in no particular order, best embodied those ideals.

Each area of emphasis is defined briefly in the slide before each corresponding hero.

1 of 12. Education

For children to prosper, they require an education that enhances reasoning, communication and problem-solving skills. Moreover, education has the power to lift and change people's circumstances, both economically and spiritually. We report on access, accountability and innovation that give families choices in their education decisions.

And the education hero for 2013 is ...

2 of 12. Malala Yousafzai

Courage doesn’t necessarily require physical strength or the maturity of years. When it comes to speaking out for the education of girls in defiance of the ruthless power of the Taliban, few people can match the boldness of 16-year-old Malala Yousafzai.

Late in 2012, Taliban gunmen entered her school bus and shot her in the head and neck in retaliation for her opinions. She recovered and has been even bolder and more powerful in her advocacy. Accolades have come from the West. Time magazine named her one of the world’s 100 most influential people. She was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. It can be easy to forget that this young woman from Pakistan still lives in grave danger for daring to speak out.

3 of 12. Values in the media

Media and technology influence our perceptions of the world and its peoples. We help warn families about media that erode the fundamental character traits of compassion, courage and virtue. We also shine a light on media that uplifts, instructs and inspires.

And the values in the media hero for 2013 is ...

4 of 12. David Cameron

While much of the world seemed to be embracing harmful excesses in the name of freedom, British Prime Minister David Cameron dared to take a stand against pornography in 2013. Cameron's government didn’t outlaw adult porn on the Internet, but it did impose a new rule requiring Internet providers to remove all access to pornography unless customers specifically request to have it.

Some leaders in Canada are trying to formulate a similar rule, backed by coalitions that include feminists, academics and religious leaders.

The rule not only recognizes that pornography harms society by destroying family relationships and objectifying people, it helps to pull pornography out of the shadows. Husbands, for instance, now have to explain to their wives why they want to opt in. We wish the United States would consider similar requirements.

5 of 12. Care for the poor

Intergenerational poverty is one of the vexing issues of our time. It is easy to overlook the impact of our collective actions and policies on the poor and needy. We bring concerns of needy families out of the shadows and report on proven solutions. We seek ways to relieve suffering and empower people to meet their own needs, help others and improve their lives.

And the care for the poor hero for 2013 is ...
1. Swiss
Price, Utah,
Dec. 30, 2013

i agree isnt this something we all need to write our representatives and demand.