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9 winter activities for families in Utah (9 items)

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Feb. 19, 2014

Utah is one of the best locations in the world for outdoor activities, especially during the winter.

While winter may be nearing its end, Punxsutawney Phil recently declared six more weeks of it. So now is as good a time as ever to take advantage of the activities Utah's winter provides.

Here is a look at 9 activities that will help your family make the most of the remaining winter weeks.

1 of 9. Go snowshoeing

If your family is looking to explore Utah's beautiful winter landscapes while getting in a bit of exercise, snowshoeing might just be the activity for you. offers information on more than 60 snowshoeing trails along the Wasatch range.

Prices: Many outdoor retailers offer snowshoe rentals for around $10 a day.


2 of 9. Build a snow cave

The heavy snowfall on Utah's mountains creates the ideal conditions for building snow caves. Whether your family is looking for the ultimate winter camping experience or you are looking for a fun project that everyone can participate in, building a snow cave is an achievement that will make everyone in the family proud.

(step-by-step instructions)

3 of 9. Go ice fishing

Some warm gear, a few fishing poles and a couple of chairs can entertain families for hours as they fish some of the best frozen lakes in the country. Two of the most popular destinations for ice fishing in Utah are Strawberry Reservoir and Pineview Reservoir.

Prices: Depends on the equipment, $60 will usually get your family everything they will need


4 of 9. Tubing at Soldier Hollow

If you're looking for the ultimate tubing experience, try Soldier Hollow's tubing hill. Soldier Hollow has a tow lift to the top and limits the number of people allowed on the hill. Which means you'll get to maximize your tubing time and not be overwhelmed by a crowd of people. However, it also means you will want to buy tickets in advance.

Here's a great review of Soldier Hollow's tubing hill:

Prices: $20/person (includes tube rental)


5 of 9. Visit Utah's Olympic Oval

Thanks to the 2002 Winter Olympics, Utahns have access to facilities like the Utah Olympic Oval in Kearns. At the Olympic Oval, your family has the opportunity to skate and play on the same ice as some of the the world's fastest skaters. You can also try out the curious game of curling in one of the many classes held at the Oval.

Prices: Curling classes - $12, Skating - Adults $4, Children $3 (+$2.50 skate rental)

1. LivinLarge
Bountiful, UT,
Feb. 20, 2014

All 10 listed activities are nice and fun, but honestly, my favorite activities in the winter are golf, tennis and surfing in San Diego!

2. U-tar
Woodland Hills, UT,
Feb. 20, 2014

Number 7 says go for a drive. Governor Herbert says we shouldn't drive because of the the bad air, which is it?

3. patriot
Cedar Hills, UT,
Feb. 20, 2014

soldier hollow is fun but far too expensive. At $20 a person (for 2 hours) you spend $100++ per family...just to tube! It ought to be $5 a person if you bring your own tube. The snow shoeing this year is terrible. Went to my favorite spot last weekend (Aspen Grove) and the snow was so wet and full of water all you did was sink. The trail normally goes all the way to the first waterfall but no one (expect us) made it that far this year. There had been a big avalanche up there this year. You need dry powder to have good snow shoeing. Just saying...