A look at more than 90 Mormons on reality TV shows since 2000 (92 items)

By , Deseret News

Feb. 20, 2014

Since the year 2000, more than 90 members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have appeared on reality TV shows. Following is a list of reality TV participants who have been identified in the media as Mormon.

Note: This list is not all-inclusive.

1 of 92. "The Amazing Race"

Name: Kristy and Lena Jensen

Hometown: Pleasant Grove, Utah

Reality show: "The Amazing Race" (CBS)

Season: Amazing Race 6, 2006

Result: 9th place

Notable: Spent 10 hours at a Pit Stop searching for a clue in 200 bales of hay.

Photo: Sisters Lena, seated, and Kristy Jensen from Pleasant Grove, Utah, failed to find a clue as darkness descended in a Talby, Sweden, haystack and were eliminated from CBS' "The Amazing Race."

2 of 92. "The Amazing Race"

Name: Dave and Connor O'Leary

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Reality show: "The Amazing Race" (CBS)

Seasons: Amazing Race 22, 2013; Amazing Race 24, 2014

Result: 8th place in 2013, winners in 2014

Notable: Dave tore his Achilles during leg 2 of Season 22. The team won two consecutive legs while Dave was on crutches but was forced to withdraw after leg 5. In season 24, Dave and Connor won six of the 12 legs, including each of the final four rounds. They became the first parent-child team to finish in first place and Dave (age 58 at the time of filming) became the oldest contestant to have won the race.

Photo: From left, Dave and Connor O'Leary won "The Amazing Race 24: All-Stars."

3 of 92. "America's Got Talent"

Name: The Duttons

Hometown: Branson, Mo.

Reality show: "America's Got Talent" (NBC)

Season: Season 2, 2007

Result: Top 10

Notable: The Duttons were the first televised act that former judge Sharon Osbourne ever voted “yes” to.

Photo: Millions of people saw the Duttons perform their country music act on "America's Got Talent." They have also performed road shows all over the world and in their theaters in Branson and Mesa, Ariz.

Source: TheDuttons.com

4 of 92. "America's Got Talent"

Name: The Fab Five

Hometown: Morgan County, Utah

Reality show: "America's Got Talent" (NBC)

Season: Season 4, 2009

Result: 6th place

Photo: The Fab Five consists of LaChere Vawdrey, Shaundalee Morgan, Ayrion Myers, Cambria Gibson and Veva Ahlstrom.

5 of 92. "America's Got Talent"

Name: Lindsey Stirling

Hometown: Gilbert, Ariz.

Reality Show: "America's Got Talent" (NBC)

Season: Season 5, 2010

Result: Eliminated in quarterfinals (top 48)

Notable: Stirling, a hip-hop violinist, attributes her desire to compose music to her time on "America's Got Talent." Her debut album has sold 150,000 copies in the U.S. without the backing of a major label. She currently has more than 4.2 million subscribers on YouTube. She was invited back to the show to perform as a special musical guest during Season 9 in 2014.

Photo: Stirling balances a unique blend of classical music with hip hop dancing.

Source: Facebook and YouTube

1. Esquire
Springville, UT,
Feb. 21, 2014

Really now, is this a good thing?

2. Bdamajd
Centerville, UT,
Feb. 21, 2014

I don't think they are trying to say whether it is a good thing or not. Just an interesting fact. You can make up your own mind. :)

3. Hutterite
American Fork, UT,
Feb. 21, 2014

It's a fixation like a celebrity gossip magazine. "Mormons, they're just like us..."

4. Esquire
Springville, UT,
Feb. 21, 2014

@ Bdamajd, it's more a promotional, we want attention, thing. A quest for acceptance.

5. vangroovin
West Jordan, UT,
Feb. 21, 2014

I competed, toured, and performed with Ryan Di Lello when we were on the BYU Ballroom Dance Company 10 years ago! He's a fantastic dancer! Good to see a familiar face. :)