Saturday, Aug. 30, 2014

Possible replacements as new Jazz coach (12 items)

By , Deseret News

April 21, 2014

After announcing that Tyrone Corbin has been let go, the Jazz will now commence a search for only the fifth head coach in 35 years since the franchise relocated from New Orleans in 1979. Since 1974, the Jazz franchise has only employed seven head coaches.

Corbin is the first Jazz coach to be let go since then-general manager Frank Layden fired Tom Nissalke, the original Utah-era coach, early in the 1981-82 season.

Here are 12 men that will likely be on the short list of possible replacements for Tyrone Corbin as head coach.

1 of 12. George Karl, 62, longtime NBA coach

Karl coached 25 years in the NBA, most recently with the Denver Nuggets, where he was named coach of the year after a 57-25 season.

2 of 12. Fred Hoiberg, 41, Iowa State head coach

He’s considered a young up-and-comer who could be ready to take the leap to the NBA after going 90-47 in four years with his alma mater. Before getting into coaching, he had an average NBA career playing for three different teams — Indiana, Chicago and Minnesota — from 1995-2005.

3 of 12. Ettore Messina, 54, CSKA Moscow head coach

Except for a year working as a consultant for the Los Angeles Lakers, this Italian has no NBA experience. He was considered by Atlanta in its coaching search last year and is highly regarded for his success in EuropeItalian coach who's at CSKA Moscow with four Euroleague championships.

4 of 12. Larry Krystkowiak, 49, University of Utah head coach

He’s a former former Jazz player (1992-93), who has NBA experience as the head coach at Milwaukee (2006-07) and assistant with New Jersey (2010-11). He just signed an extension with Utah and seems happy coaching college basketball.

5 of 12. Alex Jensen, 38, Utah Jazz player development coach

The former University of Utah standout was listed by ESPN as one of the brightest coaching prospects after being named D-League coach of year last year at Canton. His age and lack of NBA experience may work against him.
1. Vladhagen
Salt Lake City, UT,
April 21, 2014

My only worry is that someone might lose an eye if we hire one of these men...... Andy Greer might be the best bet in my mind. Then perhaps Jeff Van Gundy.

2. TWinston
West Valley, UT,
April 21, 2014

Please oh please take Boylen......I hate the Jazz!!!!!

3. Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA,
April 21, 2014

I hope Dennis actually has someone lined up. He doesn't seem like the type to roll the dice. Jim Boylen (San Antonio assistant) would be a lot of laughs, but do you really want a loose cannon running the franchise? I would rather have the other Jim Boylan (Chicago Bulls) who at least has experience as an interim Head Coach.

Hiring another assistant for his first Head Coaching job is likely to produce another version of Ty. At least get someone who has made his mistakes with another team.

4. hamaca
Baton Rouge, LA,
April 21, 2014

All have their strengths and weaknesses. Of this group, I'd prefer George Karl or Jeff Van Gundy. Time for some experience running the show.

5. woodmaster6225
Florence, OR,
April 21, 2014

I think he's the man for the job. Well bring better things to the Jazz! The jazz need a new face, and this guy can bring what we need for Utah. The Jazz has got some very good young players and need a real good center. then just let Jeff takeover and we will be back in the playoffs next year!!!!!