Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014

Scotty Robertson to Quin Synder: A complete list of New Orleans/Utah Jazz head coaches (8 items)

By Deseret News

April 21, 2014

The Jazz organization will soon hire its eighth coach in 40 years as a NBA franchise, after the team announced Monday it would not renew Tyrone Corbin's contract.

Here's a quick look at the previous seven coaches, including three during the team's time in New Orleans and four since the Jazz relocated to Utah in 1979.

1 of 8. Scotty Robertson

Time as Jazz head coach: May 28-Nov. 17, 1974, 1 season

Record: 1-14 (.067 winning percentage); no playoffs

Of note: Robertson was the first coach of the Jazz organization. He later coached the Chicago Bulls and the Detroit Pistons and served as an assistant with four other NBA teams: the Indiana Pacers, San Antonio Spurs, Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat. Robertson died in 2011 after a lengthy battle with an illness.

2 of 8. Bill van Breda Kolff

Time as Jazz head coach: Nov. 18, 1974-Dec. 14, 1976, 2 seasons

Record: 74-100 (.425); no playoffs

Of note: A longtime coach, van Breda Kolff became the head coach of the Jazz in the middle of the 1974-75 season following a stint coaching the ABA's Memphis Tams from 1973-74. He also coached the L.A. Lakers, Detroit Pistons and Phoenix Suns before before his time with the Jazz.

3 of 8. Elgin Baylor

Time as Jazz head coach: Nov. 17, 1974 (coached one game) and Dec. 16, 1976-April 12, 1979, 4 seasons

Record: 86-135 (.389); no playoffs

Of note: Baylor took over for Butch van Breda Kolff partway into the 1976-77 season after the Jazz had compiled a 14-12 record. Baylor, a longtime Lakers basketball star, was hired to be an assistant coach for the Jazz in 1974 (he also head coached one game that year) but retired from coaching after the 1978-79 season.

4 of 8. Tom Nissalke

Time as Jazz head coach: June 18, 1979-Dec. 10, 1981, 3 seasons

Record: 60-124 (.326); no playoffs

Of note: Nissalke spent a little more than two seasons as head coach of the Jazz and was the team's first head coach after the organization moved to Utah. Prior to coaching the Jazz, he had spent two years as coach of the ABA's Utah Stars and then the NBA's Houston Rockets, where he won the league's Coach of the Year award in 1976-77. Following his dismissal from the Jazz 20 games into the 1981-82 season, he went on to coach the Cleveland Cavaliers for two seasons.

5 of 8. Frank Layden

Time as Jazz head coach: Dec. 10, 1981-Dec. 9, 1988, 8 seasons

Record: 277-294 (.485); 5 playoff appearances, 18-23

Of note: Layden was hired to be the general manager of the Jazz organization in 1979, then took over as head coach when he replaced Tom Nissalke partway into the 1981-82 season. He became the first coach in team history to take the Jazz to the playoffs and he was named the the NBA Coach of the Year in 1984. Following eight seasons as head coach, Layden retired to become Utah's team president and general manager.