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10 fast facts about autism spectrum disorder (10 items)

By , Deseret News

April 30, 2014

Throughout April, autism has been in focus as educators, lawmakers, physicians and parents try to educate and raise awareness with Autism Awareness Month.

Autism spectrum disorder is classified as a "developmental disability," according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, with one in every 68 children identified as having ASD. While those with the disorder will typically have no distinguishing look, they display difficulties interacting socially, learn concepts in a different manner and experience "communication and behavioral challenges."

While Utah, according to a recent report from the Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Project, is no longer the state with the most cases of autism, there remains a need for continued awareness.

To maintain continued awareness, here are a few quick facts about autism:

1 of 10. Sign and symptom

According to the CDC, the desire to be alone and avoidance of eye contact is a sign and symptom of ASD.

2 of 10. Experiencing feelings

Those with ASD may experience difficulty in relating to other's feelings and have trouble talking about their own.

3 of 10. Touch

For those with ASD, touch is often unwelcome or distressing.

4 of 10. Relating with others

While people with ASD may find an interest in people, they have trouble speaking with and relating to them.

5 of 10. Repitition

Repetition is a common thing for people with ASD. They repeat activities or actions.
1. grandmagreat
Lake Havasu City, AZ,
May 1, 2014

We have a granddaughter and a set of twins that are great grandchildren that have been afflicted with this. Our Granddaughter, has a very special attachment to her Maternal Grandfather, and has since she was a toddler, even before she was diagnosed. She graduated from high School with a 3.7 Grade average, and teaches a class of small children in Primary. We feel blessed that this special little spirit is part of our family.