Friday, Aug. 22, 2014

Ranking Utah's counties by population — and by which stadium they'd fit in (29 items)

By Deseret News

May 12, 2014

Census data estimated that in 2013, Utah's population would top 2.9 million people living on more than 82,000 square miles of land.

Although Utah's population divides up into roughly 33.6 persons per square mile (compared to Wyoming's 5.8), the truth is that more than 80 percent of Utahns reside on the Wasatch Front, centered in four main counties (Salt Lake, Utah, Davis and Weber) out of the state's 29.

Here's a look at how many people live in those four counties as well as the other 25 counties, and where each county ranks in terms of population.

Also, if you've ever wondered which Utah county has a population that could fit on the Titanic, fill the LDS Conference Center or mount an attack on Helm's Deep, click on.

1 of 29. Daggett County

2013 population estimate: 1,127

Established: January 7, 1918

County seat: Manila

Population comparison: If you divided up all the calories in a Wendy's Dave's Hot 'N Juicy 3/4 lb. triple patty (1,090) between the residents of Daggett County, there would almost be enough for each person to get one calorie. Only 37 people would have to go without.

2 of 29. Piute County

2013 population estimate: 1,510

Established: January 16, 1865

County seat: Junction

Population comparison: If the entire population of Piute County were to go to high school together, the hypothetical "Piute County High School" would most likely be a 4A school and would fall between Bountiful High School (pop. 1,475) and Highland High School (pop. 1,531).

3 of 29. Rich County

2013 population estimate: 2,288

Established: January 16, 1864

County seat: Randolph

Population comparison: The number of people historically counted as being aboard the Titanic ranges mostly between 2,282 and 2,207, but either way, the ill-fated ocean liner was carrying under its actual capacity and could've held the entire population of Rich County.

4 of 29. Wayne County

2013 population estimate: 2,747

Established: March 10, 1892

County seat: Loa

Population comparison: A 5 lb. bag of M&M's holds approximately 2,500 pieces of candy, which means you could give every resident of Wayne County a single M&M and almost have enough to go around. Throw in the approximately 210 M&M's contained in a 7 oz. bag and the count would be just about perfect.

5 of 29. Garfield County

2013 population estimate: 5,083

Established: March 9, 1882

County seat: Panguitch

Population comparison: The portion of the Great Wall of China built during the Ming Dynasty is 5,500 miles long, which means you could put one resident of Garfield County on every mile of wall and you'd run out of Utahns before you ran out of wall.
1. The Rock
Federal Way, WA,
May 13, 2014

"Wasatch County
2013 population estimate: 26,437

Established: January 17, 1862

County seat: Heber

Population comparison: If you were to count each Wasatch County resident as one foot of height, the county's population would roughly equal the height of Shishapangma, the 14th tallest mountain in the world. Mount Everest, the world's tallest peak, is 29,029 feet tall."

If you were to stack the residents of Wasatch county on top of each other, the first ones might start off at one foot high (thick), but by the time all 26,437 people were stacked on top of them they would measure a bit less (me thinks).

I suggest that you don't try it. Bad idea.

2. wally1121
Taylorsville, UT,
May 17, 2014

As long as we're "stacking" people ...
There are roughly 7 billion people on planet earth.
If we put them all in the same place and allowed then one square yard each (less crowded than a concert) that,s 63 billion square feet of ground covered.
That converts to a little over 2200 square miles.
The entire population of the world would fit in Cache Valley.

3. benny02
slc, ut,
May 18, 2014

terrible article...just give us the dont need to but in trivia..