Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014

Funniest team names: Wild Animal Regional (17 items)

By Carter Williams, Lafe Peaver, Aaron Morton and Trent Christensen

May 13, 2014

Colleges and professional teams are named after a wide array of animals, professions and anything in between.

While some teams have generic names (i.e. Wildcats, Warriors, Knights), others go with more creative names to separate themselves from the pack.

We sat down as a team to find the whackiest sports names in the country. We had so much fun with it that we decided to make a 64-team tournament and allow you, the readers, select who has the silliest team name in college/professional sports in America (and Canada).

Voting will commence on the Deseret News Sports Facebook page.

Today we open the voting for the Wild Animal Regional.

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Read about the Vocation Regional here.

1 of 17. 1. Arkansas-Monticello Boll Weevils

A boll weevil is an infesting beetle that eats cotton and flowers. The Arkansas-Monticello Boll Weevil’s are a Division II team from the Great American Conference, their colors are green and white and they have one of the coolest mascots in all of sports.

2 of 17. 2. UC-Santa Cruz Banana Slugs

From the Santa Cruz website: “The Banana Slug (is) a bright yellow, slimy, shell-less mollusk commonly found on the redwood forest floor.” The UCSC Banana Slugs participate in Division III athletics, but are not affiliated with any conference. The picture of their mascot features a muscular banana slug. Chances are their track team or cross-country wouldn’t be that good anyway.

3 of 17. 3. Lehigh Valley IronPigs

The IronPigs are a minor league baseball team affiliated with the Philadelphia Phillies. IronPigs refers to pig iron, which isn’t actually an animal but is crude iron obtained from a smelting furnace. They started dabbling with a bacon logo this season, which has nothing to do with iron, but is awesome because everything’s better with bacon.

4 of 17. 4. Campbell Fighting Camels

Campbell University is a Division I school from Raleigh, North Carolina. The women are called the Lady Camels, and their mascot is named Gaylord the Camel. Are camels natural to North Carolina? If so, one would wonder why they have to be so violent.

5 of 17. 5. El Paso Chihuahuas

The Chihuahuas are a Triple-A baseball team, affiliated with the San Diego Padres. The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog and is named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. But seriously, who is going to get intimidated by that?
1. moabite98
Moab, UT,
May 13, 2014

Fun list. There are some pretty crazy mascots. Note: on the Stormy Petrels one, "phased" should be "fazed."