Best states for military retirees (25 items)

Bethan Owen

May 25, 2014

With the recent scandal concerning the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' backlog of health care wait times, all eyes have been on the unsaid suffering many of our veterans experience.

One such difficulty many veterans experience is finding somewhere to retire that fulfills the needs of their post-service lifestyles.

"In honor of Memorial Day, WalletHub sought to help ease the burden on our nation’s military community by identifying the Best and Worst States for Military Retirees," wrote John Kiernan of WalletHub.

WalletHub compiled a range of data — including lowest percentage of homeless veterans, veteran job opportunities, and number of veteran-owened businesses — to rank all fifty states and the District of Columbia based on their friendliness towards military retirees.

Here, take a look at the top 25 states for military retirees and see each state's economic environment rank, quality of life rank, and healthcare rank out of 51.

1 of 25. District of Columbia

Economic Environment Rank: 41

Quality of Life Rank: 39

Health Care Rank: 3

2 of 25. West Virginia

Economic Environment Rank: 38

Quality of Life Rank: 31

Health Care Rank: 16

3 of 25. Wisconsin

Economic Environment Rank: 17

Quality of Life Rank: 27

Health Care Rank: 27

4 of 25. Alabama

Economic Environment Rank: 7

Quality of Life Rank: 29

Health Care Rank: 36

5 of 25. Vermont

Economic Environment Rank: 49

Quality of Life Rank: 8

Health Care Rank: 15
1. Foxtrot
Mountain View, CA,
May 26, 2014

weird piece. isn't by definition the Top 25 States better to live in than the bottom twenty five states? Now I agree, I am being punitive here since they included the District of Columbia, so there was one state which would have been in the top 25 but now is relegated to the bottom 26, but this is a pretty light (meaning no) news....

2. Southernmiss
kaysville, UT,
May 26, 2014

Tax laws are really great for retirees.in southern states. I am from MS so I am more familiar with those. Also, more access to military bases and benefits for retirees. Some retirement homes available as well. The south is very loyal to its military and very respectful and welcoming.