Happy birthday: Star-Spangled Banner celebrates 200 years of history (50 items)

By Deseret News

June 13, 2014

The flag that flew over Fort McHenry during the British bombardment in 1814 and inspired Francis Scott Key to write the poem that eventually became the United States national anthem is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year.

In honor of that anniversary, here's a look at historical photos celebrating the Star-Spangled Banner itself, as well as the American flag through the ages.

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1 of 50. 1814

This photo provided by Christie's Images Ltd. shows an 1814 first edition copy of the lyrics and music of the "Star Spangled Banner," by Francis Scott Key.

2 of 50. 1873

This the first known photograph of the Star-Spangled Banner, taken at the Boston Navy Yard on June 21, 1873, presumably by Commodore George Preble, a naval historian and author of the first history of the American flag, published in 1872. The family of Maj. George Armistead gave the original Star-Spangled Flag to the Smithsonian in 1912. The flag is part of the permanent colection at the National Museum of American History, and several of the fragments will go on display June 14, 2001.

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Francis Scott Key's The Star-Spangled Banner is this undated photo, is part of one of the new exhibits at the rebuilt Maryland Historical Society Museum, in Baltimore.

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In 1775 the new American fleet first flew the Grand Union Flag, which consisted of 15 stars and stripes. Until then, the British flag was used most in the English colonies until the start of the Revolutionary War in 1775.

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This undated handout file photo provided by the Smithsonian Institution shows the Star-Spangled Banner conservation lab, part of the Star-Spangled Banner exhibit at the National Museum of American History in Washington.
1. Dan Maloy
Enid, OK,
July 25, 2014

We have T-H-E best national anthem in the history of the world.