Celebrate summer fun with a photographic look at Lagoon's past (70 items)

By Deseret News

If you're going to Lagoon this summer, you're — perhaps unknowingly — continuing a long tradition of summer fun in Utah.

According to the Utah Education Network website, the Lagoon resort was built in 1896 by Simon Bamberger, the fourth governor of Utah, as a way to increase traffic on the Salt Lake and Ogden Railway.

Over the years, Lagoon offered a plethora of activities to patrons, from concerts to dances, hot air balloon rides, horse racing, live theater and thrill rides. The first thrill ride opened in 1899, according to uen.org, and since then, many more rides have been added.

Here's a look back at Lagoon's history using photos from the Utah State Historical Society and the Deseret News archives:

1 of 70. 1898

This photo shows "Old Folks Day" at Lagoon on July 6, 1898, where couples over 70 years old line up for the Cake Walk.

2 of 70.

This historic photo of Lagoon shows the "Shooting the Chutes" ride, which opened in 1899.

3 of 70.

This undated photo shows crowds gathered at Lagoon.

4 of 70.

This undated photo shows three people paddling across the lake.

5 of 70. 1900s

Lagoon's large dance pavilion is shown in this photo that was taken near the turn of the 20th century.
1. hockeymom
Highland, UT,
July 31, 2014

Back in the day before the giant crowds, my brother rode the white roller coaster 30 consecutive times in one day. Funny.

2. Cadillac Man
Salt Lake City, Utah,
July 31, 2014

Lagoon was the summer concert venue for decades yet you included no pictures of the Patio Gardens which hosted The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones and countless other big acts. What about the moonlight swim? The crowd was so large the Lagoon parking lot fence was torn down by law enforcement.This could have been great but it is sparse and lacking.

3. Koula
Salt Lake City, UT,
July 31, 2014

This was a wonderful way to travel down memory lane. Thanks for a great piece and great photos. I remember the 1953 fire--I was so afraid that Lagoon would close forever. The Fun House was so awesome.

4. MrsH
Altamont, UT,
July 31, 2014

Oh, I remember that evil disk in the funhouse! Many a bruise and fat lip from being thrown off of that thing!! Loved the tall slides in the funhouse. Thanks for the photos!

5. sid 6.7
Holladay, UT,
July 31, 2014

Thanks for the memories D-News! Great read!