Harry Potter trivia quiz: Can you get 10 points for Gryffindor? (36 items)

By , Deseret News

July 24, 2014

July is an eventful month for Harry Potter fans.

On July 15, a Harry Potter theme park opened Japan, July 21 marked seven years since the seventh and final book in the Harry Potter series was published, and July 31 is Harry Potter's 34th birthday.

To celebrate these occasions, this quiz will test your knowledge of the Harry Potter franchise, including the books, the films and the author.

1 of 36. When was the first Harry Potter book released?

A. June 26, 1999

B. June 26, 2000

C. June 26, 1996

D. June 26, 1997

2 of 36. June 26, 1997

The first book in the Harry Potter series was published by Bloomsbury Press in June of 1997, according to jkrowling.com. The first print ran 500 copies, according to USA Today.

3 of 36. What inspired Rowling to create Dementors in the series?

A. An abusive relative

B. Her divorce

C. A childhood fear

D. Her depression

4 of 36. Depression

In the Harry Potter series, Dementors are creatures who feed off of human happiness. J.K. Rowling created them after her own battle with depression, according to Oprah.com.

"It's so difficult to describe (depression) to someone who's never been there because it's not sadness," Rowling said. "I know sadness. Sadness is to cry and to feel. But it's that cold absence of feeling — that really hollowed-out feeling. That's what Dementors are."

In the books, a Dementor's kiss sucks out a human soul.

5 of 36. Where did J.K. Rowling first write down the story of Harry Potter?

A. On a Post-it note

B. On regular paper

C. On paper napkins

D. In the Margins of "Wuthering Heights"
1. K
Mchenry, IL,
July 26, 2014

36 items are too many

2. justinbl
Portland, OR,
July 28, 2014

Wow. I am amazed! That many questions and I only managed to get two right!