Everything you need to know about the situation in Ferguson, Missouri (17 items)

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Aug. 19, 2014

Events surrounding the shooting of an an unarmed teenage boy in Ferguson, Missouri by a local police officer — and the subsequent protests — have held the attention of the media ever since it was first reported last week. Because of the rise in social media, new developments pour in as quickly as they occure, making it difficult to stay up to speed on the most recent revelations. To help facilitate the outpour of information, we've compiled this timeline of noteworthy events surrounding the developing circumstances in Ferguson.

1 of 17. August 9, 2014

Unarmed 18-year old Michael Brown was shot multiple times and killed by Ferguson city police officer Darren Wilson.

According to the BBC, at 11:51 am a local convenience store called 911 to report a robbery. This is what brought Officer Wilson to the area, although according to news outlet KSDK, Wilson did not know that Brown was a suspect in the robbery when he encountered him. Reportedly, Brown’s body was left outside an uncovered for four hours.

2 of 17. August 10, 2014

Police begin to release information about the event, although they still refuse to divulge the name of Officer Wilson, according to The Washington Post.

Peaceful protests are carried out throughout the day, but when night falls some of the protesters riot and loot nearby stores. Ferguson police arrest 32 people and two officers are injured, according to the Post.

3 of 17. August 11, 2014

The FBI officially launches a civil rights investigation on Brown’s death, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Brown family goes on record as disputing the police's account of their son's death.

4 of 17. August 11, 2014

The hashtag #IfTheyGunnedMeDown goes viral on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. According to USA Today, the campaign reached as far as Australia, Europe and Africa.

Those who organized the social protest argued they were using it as a platform to decry what they viewed as Brown’s unfair portrayal in the media, contrasting photos of themselves in accomplished settings with more juvenile pictures.

5 of 17. August 11, 2014

On the night of August 11, according to Vox, Ferguson police wearing riot gear fired tear gas and rubber bullets into crowds of protesters.

Amidst the aggressive crowd control targeted at what was reported to be a peaceful protest, participants in the demonstration began chanting "hands up, don't shoot," which according to Vox became the "unofficial motto of the Ferguson protests."

1. BYUalum
South Jordan, UT,
Aug. 19, 2014

I expected this list to include the fact that the autopsies (3 so far) show that the bullets entered the victim's body from the front. Brown was not shot in the back on the run as first reported. Also there are witnesses that saw Brown charge the officer to attack him, accounting for the multiple shots to defend himself.

Where is the outrage from the black community in Chicago where there are 20+ shootings and killings of blacks every day?

This is an interesting distraction from the illegal immigrants who continue to pour into our country from the southern border with drug trafficking and people being killed every day. Iraq is on fire; Christians are being slaughtered by the thousands. Media reports Ferguson, MO, 24/7 as if there is no other news happening elsewhere.

HRC: "Never let a crisis go to waste."

2. kranny
utah, UT,
Aug. 19, 2014

I blame largely the media for baiting the people of Ferguson w/ biased and incomplete information regarding the reactionary events of that incident, again portraying blacks as innocent victims of white police brutality and prejudice. And Obama, Sharpton, Jackson merely feed the frenzy of the less informed crowds that seem to be looking for any excuse to there race-fed bitterness toward white society tp rise up in rebellion at every sound of supposed injustice. Now, the raucous crowds become "innocent victims" of law enforcement.

What did this kid Brown do during his confrontation w/ the police? The police may not have known that Brown just robbed a store, but Brown sure knew he did and may have reacted accordingly.

People need to get the facts before reacting to such stories, and even this article seems to lack many of these facts.

3. dave4197
Redding, CA,
Aug. 19, 2014

I have no patience with police or their shields, some above in this blog, who ignore the fact that a young man was killed. This killing is 10x worse than any other tangential "facts" about the situation. The young man's killing was not justified by any stretch of imagination of any "facts" being bandied about. The young man perhaps needed to be restrained or arrested, certainly not killed. The police in this case committed murder, I do judge. The police in this case are now taking their time coming up with their own version. The young man and his family don't have that kind of time. The young man's family is on high ground when they promote peaceful protests, but I protest the police and their shields taking this much time and more in their investigation. We don't know enough DN, certainly we don't know everything we need!
Now I can no longer trust my friends in law enforcement as much.
Now I stand with my friends who are African American who mourn this tragedy.

4. Sven
Morgan, UT,
Aug. 19, 2014

I have a question:

The liberal media, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and several posters here on DN are asking us to believe that violence against Black men by white law enforcement officers is an epidemic in this country. Okay, here's my question:

Other than the Trayvon Martin case (which was several years ago and very questionable), please enumerate all of the cases of violence perpetrated by white police officers on Black Men. Since we're being told this is an epidemic, specificity should be very easy. Please provide us the names of the Black men, white police officers, and other details of the case. We're being told this is happening all of the time, it should be easy to provide an abundance of incidences proving this assertion.

I'm ready to believe, please provide us the details...?

5. CJ Miles
Dallas, TX,
Aug. 19, 2014

Was Trayvon Martin killed by a policeman?