100 inspirational quotes from Mormon leaders (100 items)

By and , Deseret News

Sept. 1, 2014

The changing of the seasons often cause us to adjust our schedules and in the process re-evaluate our priorities, recommit to our goals and develop a plan for tackling the hectic holiday season.

To provide you with some extra encouragement and perspective during this transition, we've compiled 100 of the images we've created over the past year based on messages from current and former leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

This list is in no way all-inclusive. However, we hope that the quotes included here will provide you with a spiritual boost.

1. garybeac
Chapel Hill, NC,
Sept. 2, 2014

"Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the Lord pondereth the heart" Proverbs 21:2 This always reassures me that, if my heart is in the right place, I can do no wrong that I can't learn from and fix.

2. Star Bright
Salt Lake City, Ut,
Sept. 2, 2014

I wish I could tweet each one. Is there a way?

3. RG
Buena Vista, VA,
Sept. 2, 2014

I wish I could simply download the whole thing in list form, and in fact, could actually just read it all on one page. It is a real lot to ask someone to click 100 times. Maybe if I was retired...

4. ddavies
Ogden, UT,
Sept. 2, 2014

I really like this quote by Marvin J. Ashton. "You can't get enough of what you don't need because what you don't need won't satisfy."

5. stuff
Provo, UT,
Sept. 2, 2014

Does the desnews really think I'm going to click thru all 100 of these? Please put them in a searchable list on a single page. Please, please, please!