The best cities in America for a comfortable retirement (30 items)

By , Deseret News

Sept. 4, 2014

A recent study by WalletHub rated the 150 largest U.S. cities on a scale of best to worst for retirement, based on affordability, job prospects, activities, quality of life and health care.

Affordability was measured by the cost of living, taxes and in-home care costs. Activities looked at whether there were senior centers and outdoor sports. Quality of life included everything from weather to crime rate. Health care was based on price and availability. And finally, job prospects were weighted less heavily (since the goal is not to work).

Here, we've compiled the top 30 cities on WalletHub's ranking, with Salt Lake City coming in at No. 19. The list begins with No. 30 and works up to No. 1.

1 of 30. Denver, Colorado

Affordability: 82

Jobs: 60

Activities: 11

Quality of Life: 89

Health Care Rank: 54

2 of 30. Austin, Texas

Affordability: 24

Jobs: 35

Activities: 49

Quality of Life: 118

Health Care Rank: 57

3 of 30. Augusta, Georgia

Affordability: 12

Jobs: 74

Activities: 122

Quality of Life: 26

Health Care Rank: 90

4 of 30. Lubbock, Texas

Affordability: 3

Jobs: 12

Activities: 125

Quality of Life: 108

Health Care Rank: 64

5 of 30. Gilbert Town, Arizona

Affordability: 89

Jobs: 21

Activities: 114

Quality of Life: 21

Health Care Rank: 23
1. carlyt
ny, NY,
Sept. 5, 2014

I just read a recent guest post on the site Retirement And Good Living that lists the best locations for retirement based on lowest taxes, lowest cost of living and overall best retirement quality. The post also includes some of the cheapest (cost of living) locations for retirement overseas. I guess the question I would ask is how many people would actually move and leave friends and family behind to move to one of these locations.

2. SummitHigh
Salt Lake City, UT,
Sept. 5, 2014

The article also assumes that a retiree will reside in a mid to major metropolitan area (the title sites "Best Cities"). I have to say that, for myself, retiring in a smaller community, though still one with reasonably accessible medical services, is highly preferable in nearly every respect to a medium to large city.

3. patriot
Cedar Hills, UT,
Sept. 5, 2014

comfortable retirement? retirement? I think those two phrases have been lost over the past 6 years. A recent survey found that nearly 40% of adults have no retirement anymore due to the Obama wealth redistribution economy.

4. dobberdobber
Ivins, UT,
Sept. 5, 2014

@Patriot The wealth is being distributed upwards not downwards. It isn't the President doing that.

5. Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT,
Sept. 5, 2014

Just wait 'til he taxes your bank account.